Preventive medicine: how does it benefit us?

Preventive medicine.

The term medicine encompasses everything about health, doctors, and diseases for many people. However, there are different types, one of which is preventive medicine. Although it can be confused with the general, this type is responsible more than anything for preventing diseases and conditions. Of course, every medical act seeks to prevent an illness or […]

Diabetes: What Is It and How to Treat It?

Instruments to measure diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that many of us can hear about daily. It is very strange if, for each family, there is not at least one member who suffers from it. But very few people understand everything that this implies, or even how it is treated by having two variants. Today, we will explain what […]

Why Dark Circles Appear and How To Prevent Them

Woman with dark circles.

After tiring days and sleepless nights, it is common to find horrible dark circles under the eyes. For some people, those are genetic traits brought by their parents, but whatever the main reason, these circles are hideous to observe. So today, we will explain them and give several advice and remedies to erase those dark […]

Say goodbye to acne! how to fight it

Woman with acne

Today we will give some explanations and advice to say goodbye to acne! Acne is a condition that many hate because of what it can do to the skin, which lately has become a huge and important issue in the beauty department. Many countries and societies give the correct importance to skincare, and we should […]

French tips for skin care: find out what they are!

Woman applying cream to her skin.

When talking about beauty and the care that this entailed, the French have a long history about it. France is not just about food and the Eiffel Tower; women there have the best beauty secrets, especially in the skin care department. The only ones that can play on the same field are the Asians. For […]

Is it possible to lose weight at 50?

Woman of 50

Losing weight is one of the goals of many people, but when you reach a certain age, this can be complicated, and it can look like something impossible. However, age is only a number, and for these cases of physical changes, the classical methods have to be varied. In today’s article, we will give you […]

The scale: your friend or foe?

Using an scale

We all know that talking about weight can be a very complicated topic for many, and this is only aggravated by hearing the word scale. Despite this small object not representing any damage, it can be the worst enemy of people who fight day after day against their weight, regardless of whether the fight is […]

These are the bad habits that make us put on weight, avoid them!

Woman overeating

Bad habits are always present in the lives of each person. Trying to avoid them is almost impossible. We can have at least one bad habit at some point in our lives. But some practices are the biggest reason why we put so much weight on them, and the major problem is that for many, […]

Dry skin care: which products to use and which not to use

Dry skin

Dry skin is a problem that many people face, but it has several ways to treat it. When you feel your skin tight, scaly, flaky, and dry, it just means that you need to start a skincare routine to hydrate it. Having one of these routines can do wonders, not only to the skin but […]

What do microneedling treatments consist of?


Microneedling is a series of treatments where tiny needles prick the skin to look better and young. Normally, people don’t enjoy needles, but, despite how strange it sounds, the different procedures under the microneedling use devices approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allow the least pain possible. Keep reading to know more […]