Bad habits are always present in the lives of each person. Trying to avoid them is almost impossible. We can have at least one bad habit at some point in our lives. But some practices are the biggest reason why we put so much weight on them, and the major problem is that for many, those are not bad at all. Keep reading to know more about them

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Discard bad habits

Bad habits are easy to pick up but are hard to get rid of. Furthermore, we don’t know when they start, much less when they become a huge problem affecting our health. Several of these bad habits are the major causes of excess weight. Many think that the new pounds will appear with only eating, but even considering diets and calories, the daily routine can play a huge role in it. Everybody must be aware of the following habits within their daily lives:

Compensate before a meal 

This is the time of excess, especially when talking about food. But people are always thinking about compensation before each meal, which is a huge mistake. Being hungry during the day will only push you to eat more during that important meal. It’s better to keep your normal diet and then compensate after those meals or days full of parties and good food. The best will always be having a balanced diet and controlling the intake. 

Eating during working hours or in front of the TV

Many people eat during working hours in front of the computer or at home in front of the TV. Doing this can disturb the normal digestive process. The main reason for this is pretty simple: our focus is not on eating but instead it’s on the workload or whatever is on the TV. Proper digestion can help us absorb the nutrients and reduce anxiety.

Being active

Having an active life can do wonders for your health. But many decided to avoid any form of exercise during the holidays, which is a huge mistake. The best course of action is to pick an easy and quick activity during those days or have a short session at a gym, like 20min max. Keeping an active routine can help to fight tiredness and stress. 

Snack Time

Having snacks in the afternoon is the best way to cut physical and emotional hunger at dinner time. Remember that our metabolism slows down at night, so having a full and excessive dinner can be a terrible idea. The snack is a special meal for several reasons, and it can be a great moment to share with friends and family; this should include filling foods like yogurt, fruits, vegetables, or try baking some incredible recipes.

Sleeping Habits

Sleep is highly important for health, but sleeping time plays a huge role in weight. Many people have the bad habit of short sleep time. Some even take a few days a week to not sleep at all, using problems such as anxiety, depression, and other health conditions as excuses to validate their terrible sleep schedule. In reality, being sleep deprived only worsens these conditions and can contribute to weight. This deprivation messes up with brain chemicals and hormones that help make us feel full after a healthy meal. Some studies also stated that having a correct sleep schedule at night, even with an extra hour of sleep, can help lose weight in a year. 

Deep Plates

When picking the dishes for the family, the best ones are those without deep plates. Humans tend to eat using visual perception, so if food is served on a deep dish, we will want to finish it all. To control food portions it is preferable to use small plates, and according to experts, flat plates can help reduce amounts up to 22%. Take, for example, Asian platter; they use small recipients to distribute food correctly, helping control portions, thus, cutting weight gain.  

Bad habits are terrible for many reasons, especially when talking about your health. Eliminating those and starting healthy routines can do wonderful things for you. But everything is up to you, and you are the only one that can make those changes. Keep an eye on our blog to learn more about it.

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Don’t adopt bad habits!