Diabetes is a disease that many of us can hear about daily. It is very strange if, for each family, there is not at least one member who suffers from it. But very few people understand everything that this implies, or even how it is treated by having two variants. Today, we will explain what diabetes is and how a patient can treat this condition to learn to live with it. Keep reading!

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What Are Diabetes’ Symptoms?

Diabetes is a disease that involves the blood and the glucose (sugar) that we get from food. When you have diabetes, the blood glucose levels rise since the body is not absorbing them correctly. The problem is due to a failure in insulin production, the hormone responsible for achieving glucose absorption in the cells that need energy.

As is well known, both natural and artificial sugar is a great source of energy, but it can be deadly for a part of the population. It should be clarified that suffering from diabetes does not mean a life condemned to eliminate glucose. On the contrary, there are many ways to turn it around without cutting out the sweet part of the food.

Diabetes can present itself in two ways:


If blood glucose levels are not monitored properly, it could cause major problems, from vision loss to heart disease and even the amputation of a limb, which is what is known as diabetic foot; all this can lead to death. To check if you have diabetes is as simple as consulting your doctor and carrying out a series of tests, which will indicate your type of diabetes and the treatment to follow.

Symptoms to watch for are:


Type 1 diabetes does not have a clear cause yet; studies point to genetics and even certain viruses. The symptoms appear quickly because the body attacks the pancreas responsible for producing insulin. Type 2 takes longer to be detected, and normally the patient finds out about it due to another condition. Still, in many cases, obesity and lack of inactivity are the cause of this.

How Can You Prevent It

Preventing diabetes is not complicated, but for type 1, it is usually more a matter of luck; you have to pay close attention to the family’s medical history. If there is an incidence of diabetes for several generations and in several members, you may suffer from it and need insulin urgently. The treatment for this type consists of insulin injections for life. Although pancreas or pancreatic islet transplants can be performed, it is always best to consult a doctor.

Type 2 diabetes is different. Suffering from it or not will depend almost entirely on your lifestyle. Leading a healthy and active life will be one of the best ways to prevent it. Although it should be clear that many times when reaching the golden age, you can suffer from sudden increases in blood glucose, it is better to be in constant communication with the doctor.

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases of this modern era. Obesity, fast food, and sedentary lifestyle have increased cases in the world population. For more information, come and visit us. We have a professional team ready to attend to you, do not hesitate to stay tuned to the blog for more articles.

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