Dry skin is a problem that many people face, but it has several ways to treat it. When you feel your skin tight, scaly, flaky, and dry, it just means that you need to start a skincare routine to hydrate it. Having one of these routines can do wonders, not only to the skin but also how you feel. Keep reading to know more about dry skin and how to take care of it. 

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Beautify your skin

Healthy and beautiful skin should look hydrated, smooth, and soft. But a big part of the population has dry skin. There are several factors behind this condition: 

We can find external ones like humidity or bathing habits among these factors. But there is one that can be a little bit complicated: vitamin B deficiency. With this, the best way is to talk with a professional to know the next step. 

Dry skin
Dry skin care

Dry skin requires certain care

Even when there are different causes and every one of us can show other conditions, anyone can start a skin routine to help reduce the dry skin or prevent it. You must split the skincare routine in two, one for the face and the other for the body. Remember, if the dry skin is too prominent, it can cause deep and painful cracks that can also bleed, which lead to a potential skin infection. Check out face and body skincare routines.

Face Skincare Routine

Notice that people with acne should follow a dry skincare routine, using specialized products for this skin condition. Also, this is a basic skincare routine for the face. There are several versions of this one, with more stages adjusting from person to person. Some of them take, for example, the highly popular Korean skincare routine, which consists of 10 steps! It will depend on the person, the environment, and what the professional recommends. 

Body Skincare Routine

Many of us make the huge mistake of thinking that the skincare routine is just for the face. Forgetting that the skin is the largest organ in the body, and it deserves a full habit. Just remember that the body is slightly different. Look for products that are specifically created for the body. The steps are quite similar but emphasize cleansing and moisture. 

Things to avoid

Dry skin is a condition that can be treated but also prevented. There are many ways to take care of our skin, but having a daily routine can do wonders for it. The best is to start very young, changing products according to our age. Keep an eye on our blog to learn more about it.