Losing weight is one of the goals of many people, but when you reach a certain age, this can be complicated, and it can look like something impossible. However, age is only a number, and for these cases of physical changes, the classical methods have to be varied. In today’s article, we will give you several pieces of advice and important points, to lose weight at 50.

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Losing weight at 50 is possible!

Losing weight at 50 is not an impossible task. You have to listen to your body. This is an age where everything changes since it has reached a stage where the reproductive cycles disappear or are at very low levels. For that reason, the body does not produce the same hormones when we are young. These are the ones that help us to lose weight quickly, and of course, contribute to many processes of the organism.

Additionally, the metabolism will never be the same, whether the same healthy eating methods are followed, having an exercise routine, and sleeping the corresponding hours. After reaching 50, exercises are heavy, and your sleeping hours could be reduced. All this makes us lose muscle mass and gain fat, which accumulates in the less good places such as the belly, buttocks, and thighs.

All these changes will influence weight loss, so when reaching 50, it is best to consult with an expert on the best way to maintain adequate weight and carry a healthy diet. However, several things can help us, in general, to contribute to being healthy.

Woman of 50
It is possible to lose weight!

Healthy eating is the main factor for weight loss

Eating healthy and having good habits will help you lose weight since following wholesome routines will prevent gaining it in a good way. By combining healthy meals with proper practices, you are getting a lot. Since it is not just about gaining or losing weight, this will contribute to the general health of each one of us. Just follow the next recommendations.

The importance of mealtime

When we talk about the time, we have to address a serious problem: most people eat at the wrong hours, especially breakfast and dinner, two meals that contribute the most to weight gain. It is best to have breakfast before 9 am since the production of the hormone cortisol is controlled, which is known as the stress hormone but helps regulate weight. At the same time, dinner should be before 8:30 pm to avoid heavy digestion.

Bread is the king of breakfast

Many people discard bread from their diets, especially if they want to lose weight. But in reality, bread is a very nutritious food that allows you to have that feeling of satiety, thus avoiding eating after hours. You should only choose a good quality bread, which comes from specialized bakeries and, if possible, of whole grains.

Proteins, important elements of the diet

Another food that many people eliminate from their diets when they want to lose weight, when in fact they are of vital importance when reaching 50. Muscle mass is declining at this age, and lean proteins help stop this loss. The best will always be the eggs and fish.

Healthy snacks

We all like to eat something between main meals, but these “snacks” are the main causes of weight gain. It is best to look for healthy foods to avoid this problem, such as fruits or vegetables, cold cuts such as turkey breast or York ham, and dairy products that are very important at 50 since calcium intake must be increased.


It would be best for you to not neglect exercises: a constant routine of walking or running for half an hour, together with weight exercises at least three times a week, will help you not gain weight or lose it easily.

Trying to lose weight at 50 is not impossible, but you must be careful. At this age, you deserve to take better care of yourself, and of course, being aware of your health will help you healthily reach the golden ages. Keep an eye on our blog to learn more about it.