Today we will give some explanations and advice to say goodbye to acne! Acne is a condition that many hate because of what it can do to the skin, which lately has become a huge and important issue in the beauty department. Many countries and societies give the correct importance to skincare, and we should learn more about them.

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What are those unwanted pimples?

Many people have the wrong assumption that acne is a consequence of food such as French food, caffeine, chocolate, or greasy food. In reality, this condition is caused by many factors; most are linked to genetics and physical changes. However, what exactly is acne? It’s a chronic condition that affects the skin through pimples, comedones, and red papules. We can find hormones, genetics, stress, a few bacteria, and even the weather, among the factors. 

Hormonal factors are the most common ones. From going through puberty to pregnancy, the body suffers a strong production of androgenetic hormones, which are the ones responsible for estrogen and progesterone. But a high production of them can result in acne. The same happens during pregnancy and even before starting a women’s cycle. 

Those androgens cause the growth of the sebaceous glands under the skin, they produce a natural oily fluid known as sebum which makes the glow on the face, but when a follicle becomes blocked, the sebum accumulates, causing the pimple.

Woman with acne
Say goodbye to acne!

Get rid of acne! 

The best way to say goodbye to acne is to start with a visit to a dermatologist. This professional can discover the real reason behind this uncomfortable condition, but normally it’s associated with puberty and other changes. However, the dermatologist will be able to tell you exactly the right treatment. Among other recommendations we have:

As you can see, to successfully say goodbye to acne, changing the diet will never be enough. There are more things to do before getting better skin, and all can start with a visit to the dermatologist. Also, having healthy habits and learning good skincare routines will do wonderful things for you. Keep an eye on our blog to learn more about it.