Preventive medicine: how does it benefit us?

Preventive medicine.

The term medicine encompasses everything about health, doctors, and diseases for many people. However, there are different types, one of which is preventive medicine. Although it can be confused with the general, this type is responsible more than anything for preventing diseases and conditions. Of course, every medical act seeks to prevent an illness or […]

Is it possible to lose weight at 50?

Woman of 50

Losing weight is one of the goals of many people, but when you reach a certain age, this can be complicated, and it can look like something impossible. However, age is only a number, and for these cases of physical changes, the classical methods have to be varied. In today’s article, we will give you […]

How to reduce sunburn and skin aging


The skin is the largest organ in the body, but this part deserves the best care with everything concerning your health. Many people don’t give their skin the correct maintenance, risking sun exposure that can cause sunburn, leading to dangerous problems like skin cancer and skin aging. Skin cancer is one of the common cancers, […]